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The Wellness
Weelko is a new concept that goes beyond wellness products. It is an attitude and a way of understanding well-being in a global scale. It is a way of caring the smallest details in order to look after people. To make those people enjoying our equipment and furniture feel comfortable in the broadest sense of the word.
With this aim, we develop specific lines for beauty, Spa&wellness, physiotherapy and podiatry fields. All of them designed to guarantee the maximum well-being to professionals and to their patients, without forgetting those specialists in distribution who trust in the quality of our service. From Europe to all over the world.
Adjustable heights, intuitive methods of use, ergonomic lines, pleasant textures, minimal storage spaces, easy-to-understand instructions and simple assemblies are, among others, factors that make Weelko products practical, functional and, above all, comfortable. All the essential things are provided, nothing superfluous. Technologically advanced products designed to work in a more pleasant way. The easier, the better.
Whatever you may ask for, we can immediately prepare the shipment of the order. Our European warehouse with permanent stock allows us delivering all your orders in a maximum delivery time of 48 hours in Spain and within 7 days for the rest of Europe. You can use your logistic company or our own. No matter where and no matter when, we offer a problem-free service.
Simply call, write an email or contact us through our website. We are always at your disposal for whatever you may need. Our professional team speaks your language and will help you processing your online or offline orders with the maximum agility. It is simply that easy.
We constantly innovate in order to equip our products with the necessary technology at the service of well-being. Based on the idea that technological is not at odds with practical, we develop furniture, instruments, tissues and accessories that make life easier to professionals and ensure their postural commodity and that of their patients.
The quality of our products is attested by both ISO 9001 certification and 1 year guarantee. Moreover, spare parts of all our references are provided. We offer after-sales service and phone assistance in order to solve troubles in record time. Acquiring Weelko means obtaining a feeling of security and calmness conferred by a European trademark with international presence.
The quality-price relationship of our products is unbeatable. We offer factory-direct prices that turn us into one of the most competitive companies in the sector. Compare the prices and you will see.
Design is one of Weelko’s differential values. From the moment when a new product is projected, it is clear to us that, apart from being ergonomic and practical, it must provide an extra value as far as image is concerned. For this reason, we care for its image, its packaging and communication elements to the maximum. Functionality is not at odds with beauty.
Joan Parera
Sales Manager

On his shoulders rests the Weelko’s sales side. He defines the sales strategy of the company, at both national and international scales. He is creative and dynamic. He likes sharing his curiosity and interests. He is devoted to team work. With regard to hobbies, he is a great sports enthusiast, specially, as climbing is concerned.

e-mail. j.parera@weelko.com
skype. joanpareracasas
Fran Peris
Purchase Manager and R&D

Weelko’s technological side falls onto his shoulders. His role is linked to both the design and development of new products. He is also the purchase manager of the company and deals with suppliers. His main interests are industrial design and everything related to new information and communication technologies.

e-mail. f.peris@weelko.com
skype. franperisvega
Weelko means effectiveness
From the foundation of Weelko Barcelona, our main priority has been to provide top-quality products by fulfilling the highest standards for quality and offering the best prices. Strict controls are applied according to ISO 9001 certification.